The Twelve Robots



There was plenty to distract us humans.

Plenty of reasons not to notice the rise of the machines.

But don’t worry.

That’s what writers are for:

12 stories

12 days

12 robots

Switch off, tune out and drop in for a daily 100 word/ 1 minute blast of science fiction.

Here is the lienup.

St. Stephen’s Day:

Jay Ryan.

Monday the 27th December.

David Breslin.

The full text is here, via Voicemail from Neptune.

Tuesday the 28th December

Michelle Calpin.

Wednesday the 29th December

John Colleary.

John is a writer, actor and stand up comedian based in Ballysadare. He’s probably best known for RTE’s ‘The Savage Eye’. He has starred in several films and TV shows. It is well worth seeing one of his live performances (coming to a venue near you, once the pandemic ebbs).

Thursday the 30th December

Ivan Sullivan.

Ivan is a writer based in Sligo. He has written two novels, and has just had a story published in ‘The Fiddlehead’. Twelve Robots will be his first jump into the world of Sci-Fi.

New Years Eve

Sylvester Crowley.


Sylvester is a writer based in Sligo. He writes fiction and is a science fiction fanatic. When he is not writing in his favourite coffee shop, Sylvester spends most of his time reading, gardening and watching Succession.

New Year’s Day

Dan Jones

Dan is a writer based in Essex in England. He also works for the UK Space Agency on a European programme of space robotics for advanced satellite and planetary exploration technologies, so knows what he’s writing about when it comes to robots. You can find out more on Dan’s website, danjonesbooks.

Sunday the 2nd January

Conal Sexton

Monday the 3nd January

Brian Sexton

Tuesday the 4th January

Jack Fennell

Jack needs no introduction for Irish science fiction fans. He is a writer and researcher who teaches at the University of Limerick. He is the editor of the SFF anthologies ‘A Brilliant Void’ and ‘It Rose Up,’ published by Tramp Press. Expect classical Sci-Fi with a twist.

Wednesday the 5th January

Suzanne Colleary

Suzanne is a playwright based in Sligo. She is the director of Magpie Theatre. Expect something surreal. The web page for Magpie Theatre is here.

Nollaig na mBan

Brendan Gavin

Brendan is a science fiction writer based in Ontario in Canada. He is the author of The 13th Vote. You can find out more about his work here. Expect the twelve robots to end with full on Sci-Fi.

Feel free to like/ bleep/ click/ share or otherwise condobulate the stories …just don’t let the robots know what you’re up to.

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