War of the Worlds 2022

War of the Worlds 2022. Half hour Comedy Audio Drama with an original soundtrack and multiple contributors. HG Wells would be proud (or some other word). Credits: Writer and actor – Madison on the Air (aka Chrisi Talyn Saje) Writer and Standup Comedian – Jay Starliper Author and actor -Steve Kiss Author – Jack Fennell […]

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Irish Sci-Fi story wall

Ninety Irish Sci-Fi Stories, each lasting just a few minutes. Story 1. The Bongerlon of Chunticle (with Jay Starliper) story 2. The problem with hyperspace (with jay Ryan & Michelle Calpin) Story 3. The Blather of Ailnasearchagh (with Jay ryan) Story 4. The Wrong Celestial Body (with jay Starliper) Story 5. The Problem with gender […]

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Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger

The first episode of an audio space adventure book. Anthony McGinley was ten years old when his mother died. She was given full honours at a state funeral, but after that life in the McGinley household began to slowly fall apart. Untill Anthony found an unfinished novel among his mother’s things. It described an allegory […]

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The difficult second Novel

I reckon it takes ten years to get good at something. I heard it somewhere -probably on some cod psychology sports motivation something or other. Still, fair enough, I can’t think of anyone really good at something that’s been at it for less than ten years. That means ten years of consistent writing and at […]

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Temba, his arms open wide

Mork Zuckelberg grinned at the billions logged into his website. ‘Today I present Primis and Optis, the future of artificial intelligence.’ Mork gestured at two machines flanking him. ‘They’ll answer our every question, isn’t that correct Primis?’ ‘The Andromedan Glagterack resides in Unmotocious Splendour’, bleeped the machine to Mork’s left.  ‘Erm, this is why we […]

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Absolutely no consequences

Flungolian Chief Bodonigan Klump gazed proudly at the assembled Persceans. The entire population had gathered to hear him speak. ‘Citizens‘, he barked. Several listeners reared up on their hind legs and neighed loudly, their anterior scales sparkling in the moonlight. ‘This is perhaps the proudest moment of our history.’ An enormous chorus of gonks fongulated […]

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