The Dipple Fringle of Namibar

Two aliens sat at a table. In a room. In the capital of The Collective. And the foremost Special Agent in the Universe entered. Carrying white netting. ‘Hello, erm…’ ‘Agents Irene and Spatula’, prompted Spatula. ‘Good’, noted Special Agent Sockenpowder, ‘I’m looking for two Agents to travel to Earth and convince the inhabitants to join […]

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The Eleventh Robot

The Eleventh Robot of Christmas was written by Suzanne Colleary You can read more about her work on the Magpie Theater Webpage I know an AI called Pero  Whose more than just ones and zeros    He worshippes De Nero  When wearing sombreros  And cries when he’s eating an aero

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The Tenth Robot

The Lords of Leaping by Jack Fennell Find out more about his work by visiting the Tramp Press Website First, the clockwork rabbits appear on the edge of town. Ten of them, seven feet tall, eyes glowing green. Chanting. You’ll notice you’re jumping higher each day, and you’ll find it harder to walk. Your car […]

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The Seventh Robot

The Seventh Robot of Christmas was written by Dan Jones Find out more at danjonesbooks My family has owned me for the best part of a year. I’m powered by light, so Christmas is a rather pleasurable time for me, with nourishing light cascading from every household, especially at evening time. Our family follows suit; […]

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