The Third Prophecy -listen for free

A science fiction adventure set in the Irish rave scene of the 1990’s (between County Sligo, and outer space). The plot has a group of friends return from an outdoor party to watch the president’s address scene from the alien invasion film ‘Independence Day’. They manage to confuse the scene with reality, and set out […]

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The Monday Club

In February of 2019 the MV Alta took shelter in Ballina bay, and stayed there for three days. Nobody is sure where it had come from, or where it went. There can be no doubt it was there though, because one of its crew brought a story ashore. ‘Hey’, came the voice from the shadows.‘…Hey, […]

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Whatever happens in Hyperspace, stays in Hyperspace

–‘Get that laundry outta here’ Humanity’s first interstellar commander remained focussed. His companions weren’t. -‘But those socks are filthy’ -‘Snap outta it Victoria, you need to alter course’ -‘But Bosun’s made lasagne’ -‘Ye’re both hallucinating …focus, we need to change course’ -‘Uh, he might be right Vicky, remember our training –hyperspace can trick your mind’ […]

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The Starship and George

-‘George!‘ There it was again, the first human voice since the party. I’d set out for a shindig to mark crossing the Heliopause, and ended up lost in the bowels of a Starship. A flagon of space grog and twelve pills saw to that. -‘George!‘ The voice was getting closer. Three days wandering a maze […]

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Exiting Namibar Offworld Processing

-‘Earth?, nobody goes to Earth’, said Clerk LR777. ‘I live there’ -‘Tsk …go to desk LR781‘ -‘You need an Offworld Licence, go to Desk LR641‘, said Clerk LR781 -‘Get this validated at desk LR329‘, said Clerk LR641. -‘Who told you to bring this here?’, asked Clerk LR329. ‘Clerk LR641‘ -‘I doubt it, this needs to […]

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Conor Bottletop is like Whatever

Bllionaire industrialist Zob Bottletop was beginning to regret appointing his son as head of mapping command. ‘Tell me that again Conor’ ‘It’s like this, we left Triangula I was like you guys don’t like me, and navigation was like, you know …all arsey, and I was like whatever, and they were all we need co-ordinates, […]

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