About Me

brian sexton

  • Author of ‘shite stories that nobody’s ever gonna read’, or so I’ve been told …with that in mind, most of them are narrated on YouTube.


I started writing in January of 2020 thanks to a gift from my wife of the Gerard Beirne Winter writing course and it set me on a path in writing (probably says all ya need to know about the course).

The best thing I’ve written so far is ‘The Turd Prophecy’ –a min 90’s acid rave space adventure that’ll leave you smiling; give it a go here.

There are also dozens of micro fiction stories on this site –here’s a manageable pile to flick through.

This site has about a half dozen short stories that you can find in the menu if you’re looking for a longish read -try A Touch of Social Isolation to start with.

I’ve another book in progress, involving a team of Irish astronauts, an intergalactic food critic, magic, and a Martian gorilla -it should be here round the third week of Feb.

I’ve been luck enough to team up with John Colleary, Michelle Calpin and Jay Ryan for some comedy videos, check the menu for links as these are updated weekly/ fortnightly.


Am not great with social media -and reckon AI is just machines running code/ load of bollox.