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brian sexton

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I started writing in January of 2020 thanks to a gift from my wife of the Gerard Beirne Winter writing course.

I followed this with the Gerard Beirne 2020 autumn writing course, and the 2021 term, and the 2021 spring term, and the 2021 autumn term (probably says what ya need to know about the course).

I’ve written a skyte of short stories that ya can find in the menu; probably the best of the lot is SYS4551, but a fair few have liked ‘A Touch of Social Isolation’ which could be worth a go. I’ve just written a book called ‘The Third Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune’ (listen to all 19 chapters free HERE, I highly recommend it!).

I’ve another book in progress, involving a team of Irish astronauts, an intergalactic food critic, magic, and a Martian gorilla -it should be done round the middle of 2022.

Despite loads of good advice from the writing courses the stuff here is, and has been written, higgeldy piggeldy. I’m guessing that a lot of amateur writers are in the same boat -at least 90% of the ones I’ve met are. I’ve been luck enough to team up with John Colleary and Jay Ryan for some giggles and shits videos.

If ya browse the site there are a pile of more comedy sketches/ prank calls/ story narrations and 100 word efforts.


Am not great with social media, mostly because it’s bollox, but the links below should lead ya to more scutter.