Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger

My new Sci-Fi novel (clip below). ‘Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger’. Blasting off in early ’23. Inspired by, and written to accompany, the cover art by Aly Fell. To get an idea of the storytelling style you can inflict 3.5 hours of ‘The Turd Prophecy’ on yourself (click here for the player and link to […]

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The Absolute Zero Principle

…iple as a rate of momentum so great that time loops back on itself.’ KRAAACK. BLONK. AAARF. ‘What just happened?’ ‘Hard to tell. All systems nominal and there’s nothing on the scanners. We may have reached Hyperspeed, a theoretical point described in The Absolute Zero Princ… The Absolute Zero Principle

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The unfaithful mirror

It is a little known fact that the most important job in the Universe is the mirror of Chunticle: Overlord Bongleron turned and twisted until he had tried every possible angle. ‘How could this have happened’, he demanded. ‘I can only reflect what is in front of me, your majesty.’ ‘But I can’t step outside […]

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The blather of Ailnasearcagh

‘We gave beetroot to them.’ ‘Is that a fact.’ ‘Yes, they love beetroot.’ ‘Well, there ya go.’ ‘I never thought I’d meet aliens.’ ‘Uh, huh.’ ‘You’re not listening, are you?’ ‘I’m gonna hang up. Get some sleep, you’ve been on that rock for too long. You’re starting to sound like Terry.’ I don’t blame my […]

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Sample WOTW Scene

***SAMPLE CLIP – BEGINS*** Bongerlon Lanchaw Hi, Bongerlon Lanchaw here -welcome to my you tube channel, if you’re a first time viewer please hit the subscribe button below. It helps us to keep bringing you content. Thanks go to our sponsors Warfin -for more info go to their website, and make sure to use the […]

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