The incredible filmmaking of Brack Bongalongalong

  • Galactic film executive Chug Zapamovieon had been delighted.
  • Convincing acclaimed director Brack Bongalongalong to work with him was a remarkable feat.
  • But then art took over.
  • And things started to go wrong:

It’s trditional Martian practice to eat their offspring when threatened’, explained Brack, ‘to prevent invaders enslaving them.’

‘Yes, but six hours of footage? I’m not sure anyone would watch that, and it’s smudged.’

‘Not smudges Chug. Dust uronticles. Martians will get the reference.’

‘But how do they help with the plot?’

I’ve decided we don’t need a plot.’

‘Then what’s the point.’

‘Exactly Chug, exactly. That’s the spirit.’

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