The legend of Commander Fidelma Gungbellow

  • The three astronauts began to accelerate.
  • Their rocketship broken and useless.
  • Captured by Spondle’s gravity.
  • A fiery death awaited.
  • They had nothing left but conversation.

‘It was a privilege to have crewed for Commander Gungbellow.’

‘Whadya mean Gil? This is all her fault.’

‘Nobody’s perfect Charlie.’

‘Perfect?, she was an idiot …we’re just gonna slingshot round this gas giant -ya couldn’t make it up.’

‘I’m still alive.’

‘You’re just jealous Charlie, she was a trailblazer.’

I’m not dead yet.’

‘We’ll have to disagree Gill, mostly because she’s trailblazed us to our doom.’

‘Well, I’ll always consider her a genius.’