Zork Conglebonsch and the Spittletattle Social Media Platform

Zork Conglebonsch was a contrarian. He joined Spittletattle to let others know.

Tragedy at sea: Fishermen die as mutant shark swallows entire boat, announced one post.

‘Serves the fools right for going to sea’, typed Zork.

Boy dies in mountain lion attack, announced another post.

‘Serves him right for going into the mountains’, tut-tapped Zork.

Surveyors mauled by Bilgamonster on Woden, announced another post.

‘Stupid fools for going to Woden’, Zork typed.

Your comments are ignorant and pointless‘, bleeped another Spittletattle account.

‘It’s shocking that somebody minding their own business has to endure such an unprovoked attack’, replied Zork

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