A gothic Space Opera in less than two minutes…

Sunset over the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

In a gothic space opera, pseudo-medievalism, superstition, insanity, and decay are juxtaposed with space travel: a perfect embodiment of progress, science, and rationality. The starship becomes a stand-in for the haunted mansion, and the universe at large the misty moors that surround it.

Cults, all-powerful religions, and demonic forces are commonly found in the genre, and the wear and tear of space travel — time dilation, and the assumption of death-like states of suspended animation for examples — on human relationships are often emphasized. Human life far from civilization becomes stranger, perhaps even hostile. In gothic space opera, human beings become the aliens they fear.

Penguin Random House

So there for ya. Below is a two minute attempt at the genre. It comes from a story attempt for the SFF Chronicles 300 word Challenge, via Jay Ryan and Michelle Calpin. The plan is to turn it into a weekly series using the three characters: Irene, Spatula and Sockenpowder.

The sound quality is crap, but not bad for working around Easter egg hyped kids. That said there’s no excusing the story. The thing is; you can do things properly or quickly -quickly was easier;)

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