George Snufflebuff and the GombleCast

The deserted village in Coolaney. Episode 4 of Chronscast. Sorcery. And a 100 word story:

George Snufflebuff didn’t expect to ever meet Lady Pungerwacker.

Hers was the most popular GombleCast in the human colonies.

She interviewed random strangers going about their day. They talked, she listened, and everyone tuned in. Except George.

‘Stupid nonsence’, he always called it.

‘Nobody ever has anything interesting to say’, he always said.

‘If she ever stopped me ye’d get something to listen to’, he always promised.

But lo and behold. There she was. In his way. With a camera, and a question.

‘Do you mind me asking a few questions?’, Mrs. Pungerwacker had asked.

‘Uh’, George had stammered.

‘Erm’, he added.

‘Yes’, he muttered.

And sprinted away.

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