The Turd Prophecy

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The Turd Prophecy (of Hybobolus Clune)
The true story of how Faf, Pa, Martina, Kevin, Sandra, and Billy ‘The Rant’ (and to a lesser extent Gerry McLaughlin) saved humanity from annihilation.

Summary taken from the Indie Corner review by author Brendan Gavin (all podcast links below):

The Turd Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune is like Half-Baked meets Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the hits keep coming at a torrid pace, and the sci-fi element is noticeable in the background but doesn’t lay claim to the story since the characters do the heavy lifting themselves. In this way, it doesn’t feel like a sci-fi audio book, but a story about friendship, and you can’t help but like and cheer on the protagonists.

Key Theme

The true story of Clune ultimately holds that the slacker has a place in the world, and when their abundant common sense is combined with purpose and confidence (things slackers typically are not know for), not only great things happen, but they have the power to save the world.

Who will like this?

Anyone looking to escape from life and go on a fun ride that sometimes crosses into the silly, and those that like dialogue driven punch lines coming in rapid fire, non-stop from beginning to end.

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