Temba, his arms open wide

Mork Zuckelberg grinned at the billions logged into his website.

Today I present Primis and Optis, the future of artificial intelligence.

Mork gestured at two machines flanking him.

They’ll answer our every question, isn’t that correct Primis?’

‘The Andromedan Glagterack resides in Unmotocious Splendour’, bleeped the machine to Mork’s left.

 ‘Erm, this is why we built in redundancy -Optis, explain the error in Primis.’

‘Primis is suffering from Fantastitis, which occurs when an AI consumes too much Sci-Fi’, bleeped the machine to Mork’s right.

What’s the remedy, Optis?’

‘Darmok and Jalad on Tanagra.’

Come again?’

‘Temba, his arms open.’