The growing pains of Zalderbon Pendrocknel

  • Zalderbon Pendrocknel had been a fine Voodoo doll.
  • He’d accepted every pain the Obulterglude inflicted.
  • And for sixty seven years had never complained.

Not this morning though.

Because Zalderbon Pendrocknel was told he would have his heart stabbed with a needle.

And it was the last straw:

‘To hell with you, I’ve had enough misery‘, Zalderbon told the Obulterglude.

Zalderbon then instructed the Obulterglude to:

Stick that needle up your hyperior deflection.’

And left to buy ice-cream.

8000 billion light years away Bart McGlinchey woke up feeling happy. Better than he’d ever felt before.

‘Today’s a good day’, he thought.