How to fool Zomboonicans

Astronaut Chuz Rontalplek ducked into the narrow cave, Jasper and Frangle Zomboonic were too big to fit.

‘Come out human’, they yelled.

No. Ye’ll eat me.’

‘We will, but your only other option is to live out life in that dark cave’, explained Jasper.

‘…and it’s crawling with Marmstickles and Chugflankers.’ Added Frangle

Well, erm, …I like dark caves. And Marmstickles. And Chugflankers.’

‘Hmm, I thought humans hated Chugflankers’, noted Jasper, ‘well, ya learn something new every day. It’s pointless us waiting out here. Come on Frangle, let’s return to the Glombository.’

Stupid Zomboonicans’, muttered Chuz, ‘nothing likes Chugflankers.’

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