The problem with Bothan Stew

‘Condor egg omelette?

Ronan Smunt’s words stunned Mindongula Skebobble.
Her cafeteria abutting the Universe proudly served anything.
That day saw 134 remarkable orders.

Such as:

  • ‘Tannhäuser duck?‘ ‘Sure.’
  • Hallibalubelberry smoothie with crumbdingles?’ ‘Yes’
  • ‘Bothan stew?’ ‘Plain or bestangled?’

Of the 857,634 diners that visited, 857,634 had tried ordering something Mindongula didn’t serve. And 857,634 left with full bellies.

Then Ronan gave his order.
Mindongua fell silent.
Ronan did too. Partly with sympathy. Mostly because he was hungry.

‘Never mind, a Condor is a rare bird
’, he offered.

Mindongula went puce.
‘I’ve got plenty, but I’m outta butter.’

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