The problem with bouncers on Pluto

Hopeldang flumpeled it’s exterior ranticles, and pointed angrily at the disheveled human staggering his way up the marble staircase.

‘How come ya let that yolk in?’, it growled at the bouncer.

‘Because that’s the Empress of Saturn you stinking abomination, and if the Empress of Saturn wants into the Plutonian Opera only a fool would stand in her way.’

‘Are you daft, that’s not the Empress of Saturn.’

‘It is. Unlike you I’m smart enough to know that if the Empress of Saturn chooses to take the form of a liquid elixir ingested into a human then it’s her choice.’

‘I hate to break it to ya but you’ve been lied to. I know for a fact that the Empress of Saturn would never visit Pluto.’

‘How can you know that?’

‘I’m the Empress of Saturn.’

‘My apologies your majesty, welcome to the Plutonian Opera.’