4th July 1996

The Turd Prophecy

The true story of how Faf, Pa, Martina, Kevin, Sandra, and Billy ‘The Rant’ (and to a lesser extent Gerry McLaughlin) saved humanity from annihilation.


Special weapon: The most formidable interstellar combat vessel the Universe has ever known.

Short range fighters: 136

Photon cannons: 85

Trained combatants: 137

*Source: Galactapedia – SYS4551.02675381

Special weapon: A rusty Ford Transit.
Short range fighters: 0
Photon cannons: 0
Trained combatants: 0

Can Kevin demonstrate that Gerry Mclaughlin is not as deadly as everyone thinks he is?
Will Sandra believe something that’s not a conspiracy theory?
Will Faf find a toilet?

*Answers: Probably, probably, and no.

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