Incognito Ergo Sum

Private Halfmilkcarton and Lieutenenat Bungalow of the Martian Space Force prepared a Photon Torpedo, and hailed the approaching ship.

‘Attention spacecraft, you are approaching Earth blockade, change course now.’

Impossible, I don’t exist.’

‘You do, our sensors detect it.’

Sensors don’t always work.’

‘Uh, I suppose. Never thought of it like that -still, they’re all we have to go on.’

But those sensors could simply be tricking ye into thinking I’m here.’

‘Well Halfmilkcarton. What do you reckon, do they exist?’

‘Hard to tell Bungalow, the ship has reached human territory.’

‘Wait …what? Dammit, those sneaky Neptunians fooled us again!’

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