New Martian Novel: The Zenolob of Flingtaste

The Zenolob of Flingtaste

(*This book has been translated from it’s original Martian, and while every attempt has been made to get the structure to match a human language, it was not possible to replace every word.)

Abslod Rungtell flengelled in a most umpesing way. He zorkled, bedrangled, flungt and zimbled untill that which was his was not. It borglumped the upmost cleric upon his planet.

‘Speak now directively, of face a glalgterack worse than nubble, young Abslod’, argued the Comnunticle.

‘Belack’, replied Abslod. He was at peak itchiness, and unknown to the Comnunticle, required several minutes alone by the corump.

‘Belack!’, fumed an anterior official.

The Communticle agreed, ‘belack, belack, belack -render unto the dust Abslod Rungtell, the glagterack is nothing but this citizen’s own conblomption.’

And in this way his journey began.

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Gert Van Theunisse