Exclusive preview of ‘Lucky Apples’

A short excerpt from ‘Lucky apples’ – the true story of how Flute Egoton came to be wealthy (co-written by Sozman Borkstapple)

Foreword (by Flute Egoton)

(reproduced courtesy of the Amozonia foundation, all rights reserved)

When I was young we had a small corner shop. One of my earliest memories was Christmas day. I snuck down and opened the shop for two hours while the rest of the family slept, and sold every battery we had in stock.
Customers came from miles away to stock up and stem the early morning tears. For me, it was a sexual experience. I could charge them what I wanted.
Even at that early stage, and I was probably no more than four or five years old at the time, I knew I was destined for business greatness.
Fast forward eight years and I was working into the early hours of the morning. Every day and night. It was on one of those nights that Bruce Legaltenderton, CEO of Speedyjet International Aircraft Leasing Corporation’s European Division was passing. He was stopped in traffic and noticed how efficiently I was selling batteries and immediately gave me a job as his personal assistant. Three years later I took his job, and the rest, as I say, is history.

Chapter 1

I met with Flute Egoton several times before I agreed to write his definitive history. One anecdote in particular from those conversations stuck in my mind. He told me it seventeen times -it involved buying printer ink:
Flute was two weeks into his job as PA to Mr. Legaltenderton and was already attending board meetings. On one of those occasions the weekly performance printouts were missing. Flute stood up and announced to everyone that he had tried to order new Ink but had been stymied by Ron Gullabon, he then turned to Ron and told everyone present what he thought of Rons tardy Ink purchasing. It was clearly an important moment in Flute’s life.

I spent a week shadowing Flute to research this book, and it turns out he has three hundred and seventy four similar anecdotes -I will now retell them in chronological order.

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