Unit 5427D

Unit 5472D was one of 50,000 units constructed to defend Jupiter from an extraterrestrial invasion. The units were made to look human. It was a big secret at the time.

Galactic newspapers filled with articles describing the arrival of thousands of young fit holidaymakers to Jupiter. They came dressed in Hawaiian shirts or bikinis. And armed with beach-balls.

The enigmatic visitors claimed to be fascinated with the Bulk Water Harvesting Processors, and said they just wanted to chill out around the machines.

When the Plutonian invasion of Jupiter happened, it happened quickly. Unfortunately for the unarmed Plutonian combatants, they had not factored 50,000 fistfighting machines into their plan. All it took was one carefully camoflauged-as-a-beachbum Unit to spinning kick them back to their icy home: Unit 5472D.

Unit 5472D should have been a hero.

Instead, Unit 4572D was an embarrassment.

When the Plutonians found out that the humans had cheated by using machines to fight; they wrote, and posted, an angry letter to Earth:

  • It told humans they were slimy cheaters and not fit to be invaded.
  • It also promised that the Plutonians would make it their business to ensure humans were never attacked again.
  • As a punishment.

The upshot was that Unit 5472D was no longer needed. After years of looking, it found a job walking the roads to check for potholes. You can always tell Unit 5472D from the distance as it will never be without a beach-ball. And be wearing flip flops, shorts and a short sleeved shirt come hail, rain, or shine.

You may be tempted to rob the beach-ball from Unit 5472D.
Just for a giggle.
If you do:

  • The solar system’s mightiest slaps, kicks, and headbutts will be coming for you.