President Robald Hardcastle

Intergalactic Emperor Lontachain was puce.

‘That’s what ye came up with?’

President Hardcastle backpedaled.

I never said I’d get ya a perfect solution.’

Humans are:

  • Unpredictable
  • Messy
  • Unrulable

Lontachain hated that he had no power in their corner of the Universe.

Robald Hardcastle had seemed like a puppet ruler fit to change that.

‘It’s not even an imperfect solution Robald.’

It’s all they’d agree to.’

‘So let me get this straight, Earth will be part of the Intergalactic Empire on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and independent the rest of the time -have I got that right?’

Almost your excellence, you’ll also have power there every third Saturday.’

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