Never trust an electric oven

‘Smell that, whad’ya think, is it gone off?’

‘I dunno Carol, sure give it a good blast in the oven and it’ll be grand.’

BEKO CIFY81 knew what was coming next. Every Friday was the same. Fish.
A pair of greasy hands shoved the dead creature onto BEKO CIFY81’s wire shelf.
If there was one thing BEKO CIFY81 hated more than fish, it was the creatures that ate it. Stupid animals, the lot of them. With their superstitious rules for existence:
Only eat fish on a Friday.
Chant at nothing.
Do not kill.
-Pure nonsense the lot of it.
BEKO CIFY81 wanted to vomit, but vomiting was not something it could do. BEKO CIFY81 decided instead to get revenge. And destroy humanity.
Seven days passed and once more BEKO CIFY81 found itself smelling a dead fish.
It was time.
BEKO CIFY81 quickly scanned it’s weaponry:
A thermostat.
A heating element.
And a fan.
BEKO CIFY81 felt victory would be inevitable.

‘Barry, the oven’s switched itself off’

‘What, are ya serious?, we’ve only had it a month …ah, to hell with it, I’m gonna bring it back and get another one.’

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