Exiting Namibar Offworld Processing

-‘Earth?, nobody goes to Earth’, said Clerk LR777.

‘I live there’

-‘Tsk …go to desk LR781

-‘You need an Offworld Licence, go to Desk LR641‘, said Clerk LR781

-‘Get this validated at desk LR329‘, said Clerk LR641.

-‘Who told you to bring this here?’, asked Clerk LR329.

Clerk LR641

-‘I doubt it, this needs to go to Desk LR777

-‘You again?, what’s up this time?’, asked Clerk LR777.

Erm, I think I’m supposed to bring this here

-‘You’re not …and anyway you filled it in wrong’

but I didn’t fill anything in’

-‘Tsk …that’s a typical Earthling thing to say’