The difficult second Novel

I reckon it takes ten years to get good at something. I heard it somewhere -probably on some cod psychology sports motivation something or other. Still, fair enough, I can’t think of anyone really good at something that’s been at it for less than ten years.

That means ten years of consistent writing and at least a couple of books, or long form stories. I’m wandering that road, and have ended up at book two. Which has been tricky.

The last story told itself. It was pretty much just a first draft, but I liked it so left it as was. And figured to be a bit more professional with the next long story, which meant:

  • One abandoned long story about a group of humans navigating an authoritarian planet Mars which they discover to be chaotic and anarchic as they go along.
  • An abandoned intergalactic cookery book (where the MC has what he imagines is a nervous breakdown and talks recipes with an invisible extraterrestrial food critic).
  • A ~40k version of what the story is now but most of which I managed to lose.

And going back to square one and putting out a sort of off the cuff tale. Which seems like the right thing to do. I’m late to writing, and the mechanics of correct punctuation and spelling are realistically a bridge too far at this point.

The steaks are low -the sad truth about indie fiction is that there is the strong possibility that nobody will read, or in my case listen (don’t have the heart to inflict ropy spelling and structure on anyone game enough to give the story a go). Having said that, like all indie writers, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t reckon there was some sort of ‘art’ or fun to be had in the whole process. So here goes: Nancy Goodaim, Space Ranger – Chapter 1 (Deploy the Oppeldong Felondicators)